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Formation & Tax Advice

Our chartered accountants are specialists in international tax structure advice for Australians looking to expand their business overseas.

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International Tax & Australian Tax

As experienced accredited Chartered Accountants, our overseas company incorporation services include:
  • Legal tax advice tailored to Australians
  • Advice to limit company & personal tax
  • Company tax structure advice
  • Tax effective company structures
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Hong Kong Company Formation

A Hong Kong company provides a respectable tax-efficient jurisdiction for trading & investment,
benefits include:
  • TAX FREE or 16.5% profits tax
  • ZERO TAX on dividend income
  • ZERO TAX on Capital gains
  • NO local director / shareholder requirements

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Offshore Company Incorporation

CMS Australia has 20 + years’ overseas incorporation experience providing:
  • Quality overseas company incorporation
  • Private and confidential services
  • Legal tax structure advice tailored to you
  • Incorporation in HK, Seychelles & more
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WHY CMS Australia?

CMS Australia is leading the way for Australian companies and business people looking to protect themselves and become more tax effective by creating companies overseas.

 We have: 

  • Over 20 years experience providing expert offshore company formation & tax advice for Australian companies;
  • Are Accredited Chartered Accountants with expertise in international tax and indepth knowledge of the Australian tax system;
  • Are Australian - We are based in Australia with an office located in Sydney CBD;
  • A global presence - CMS Australia is part of the CMS Hong Kong group with over 15 offices around the world;
  • A professional & experienced team - allowing us to provide you with unrivalled service and personalised tax advice

CMS Australia is therefore the best choice for international tax advice and overseas incorporation.


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